Mobile health applications for developmental disabilities

We develop mobile health applications with the purpose of improving the lives, health, and health outcomes of children and adults diagnosed with developmental disabilities such as autism.

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Benefits for our valued users

Chronaly benefits communities and users such as parents, therapists,
physicians, teachers, school districts, enterprises, and governments.

Chronaly is for parents

Parents of children or adults with developmental disabilities have enough on their plate, making it often difficult to remember or find the time to track and monitor behaviors.

Some benefits offered to parents include:

  • Share information about their child directly and instantly with teachers, healthcare providers, and caregivers.
  • Track significant events effortlessly in their child's life to discover triggers for meltdowns and other disruptive behaviors.
  • Create goals to encourage positive behaviors and developments while reducing negative ones.

Chronaly is for teachers

Teachers have lots of students and not much time. Chronaly can help teachers save time, using our proprietary platform to make tracking student performance simple, easy, and fun.

Some benefits offered to teachers include:

  • Charting student behavioral and academic progress throughout the year to discover if educational goals have been met.
  • Communicating daily with parents, caregivers, and healthcare providers to share a thorough and complete picture of the child's behavior, social, and academic activities.
  • Discovering behavioral causes and trends in your classroom to understand how to help your students best.

Chronaly is for healthcare providers

For healthcare providers such as physicians, caregivers, therapists, and psychiatrists, Chronaly fills the information gaps to empower and enables healthcare providers to provide better patient care and quality outcomes.

Some benefits offered to healthcare providers include:

  • Assist healthcare providers in obtaining valuable patient information in order to make data-centric decision and achieve better patient outcomes. To this end, Chronaly‚Äôs technology leverages cutting-edge intelligence gathering mechanisms to spot trends, triggers, and correlations in patients' behaviors.
  • Provide new ways to measure goals and track improvements over time, corresponding to the ABC model of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).
  • Organize information about your patient effortlessly, and share new updates with parents, teachers, and other community members instantly through a single patient profile.

Chronaly Features

Our applications empower users to access, use, and share personalized data to benefit children, adults, and communities coping with developmental disabilities. Key features include:

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