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Welcome to Chronaly.

We are a passionate, diverse team focused on developing and bringing to the market disruptive mobile health solutions for developmental disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (autism). Developmental disabilities are a global social problem impacting children, adults, families, communities, and governments across the world where, for instance, the United States government spends more than $56 billion annually for developmental disabilities.

With autism being the #1 fastest growing developmental disability, our flagship mobile health application is for the autism market and community which includes not only children and adults, but also their parents, therapists, physicians, teachers, schools/school districts, insurance providers, outpatient care service centers, and more.

Autism is a global social problem and our mobile health solutions are a global solution with a global social impact.

Our mission is to make a worldwide positive social impact by offering global, user-centric mobile health solutions for children and adults with developmental disabilities and their “Community of Care” (parents, families, therapists, physicians, teachers, insurance providers, outpatient care services centers, governments, and so forth) to access and use our proprietary portfolio of digital health solutions anywhere, anytime, anyway to enhance their lives, health, and health outcomes.

Our vision is to become the global mobile health platform for the developmental disabilities community by offering connected, interoperable, scalable mobile health solutions to streamline care, enable quality care, improve health outcomes, aggregate big data into actionable insight, save time, lower costs, and reduce outpatient care admissions.

William Bruce Cameron believed that

“not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

Culture “counts” at Chronaly.

The Founders of Chronaly aspire to establish a thriving culture built around the following norms and values.

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Collaboration is among the pillars by which we plan, operate, innovate, and execute at Chronaly.

We believe in collaboration (internally and externally) to conceive, develop, and commercialize digital health solutions for our global users and stakeholders. Our dedicated, multi-disciplinary team views collaboration as not static, but dynamic where we’re constantly connected to collaboration, embrace collaboration, improve collaboration, and implement collaboration.

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Creativity and Innovation

Chronaly’s organizational structure and ecosystem inspire and support creativity and innovation.

We believe to prosper as a mobile health technology start-up, creativity and innovation need to be at the forefront to offer superior digital health solutions for our valued users and increase shareholder value. Our organizational environment inspires and motivates us to find and pursue cutting-edge ideas and opportunities in order to innovate and offer user-centric digital solutions.

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User-Centric Design

Our user-centric design approach results in a user experience that feels natural and intuitive.

One of our primary goals is to make daily life easier for the people who provide care and assistance to those with developmental disabilities. This cannot be achieved by powerful features alone. It is essential that these features are presented to the users through an interface that is user-friendly and enjoyable to use. Working closely with actual intended users from the very beginning and throughout the entire development cycle enables us to design interfaces that best complement our users’ existing beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors related to caring for people with developmental disabilities.

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Quality Applications

Chronaly takes an outside-in approach to develop and commercialize scalable, user-centric mobile health solutions for the global developmental disabilities community.

We have assembled a talented cross-functional team to plan, develop, and take-to-market mobile health solutions that have withstood extensive quality testing. Our outside-in methodology centered around user research, data, analysis, and insight is among the many factors contributing to our dedication and drive to develop and commercialize social impact mobile health solutions for the global community.

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Entrepreneurial Spirit

Chronaly’s team is comprised of self-motivated, resourceful professionals with relentless drive and dedication to establish Chronaly as the premier social impact, global mobile health company.

We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit. Our valued team is self-motivated and empowered to identify and share opportunities that can have a non-financial and financial impact for Chronaly. We approach our responsibilities and engagements with a sense of ownership and dedication. Although collaboration is a critical factor that our culture is built around, we also embrace independent ideas and contributions.

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Chronaly’s performance and success is optimized through perseverance.

We believe that perseverance is a critical attribute for entrepreneurs and start-ups. To survive in today’s globally-connected, decentralized business environment, start-ups not only need to think and execute fairly quickly, but also need to have the ecosystem and DNA to confront constant threats and challenges to their livelihood and existence. Chronaly’s multi-disciplinary team accepts this as reality and embraces the mindset of perseverance.

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Mutual respect and consideration for all people and stakeholders.

We embrace an open and authentic environment where interactions are based on mutual respect and understanding for diverse viewpoints, backgrounds, talents, and colleagues. We foster and promote cross-cultural interactions and relationships where everyone listens, welcomes new and different viewpoints, and engages in positive dialogue. We aspire to communicate clearly and consistently about our ideas, progress, and insight.

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