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Chronaly applications offer a better way to manage developmental disabilities and help children and adults.

Our proprietary applications are geared toward helping members of communities (parents, physicians, teachers, therapists, and more) to better manage and care for children and adults.

Here are some features that our valued users and communities can look forward to.

Conveniently observe and monitor behaviors, actions, and day-to-day interactions to see the bigger picture.

Chronaly’s event-tracking system helps parents, healthcare providers, teachers, and other community members capture, document, and schedule daily events for children and adults with developmental disabilities. This features provides a practical tool to remember and share information with community members such as physicians, therapists, and educators.

Events screenshot in Chronaly

Effortlessly establish and track goals to measure improvements over time in behavior and health.

Chronaly’s goals feature allows our valued users to see in real-time how a child or adult with a developmental disability improves to assist therapists, caregivers, and physicians in treatment and intervention solutions. Chronaly conforms closely to the ABA method of treatment, providing an easy-to-use interface for creating, tracking, and measuring the success/failure of goals you set.

Goals screenshot in Chronaly

Obtain valuable insight and visualization to better manage behavior, treatments, and well-being.

Chronaly’s insight feature allows users to obtain valuable insight and visualization to help them use personalized data to improve the behavior, treatment, and well-being of children and adults with developmental disabilities. With it, users can sift through data to identify patterns, trends, and areas for focus on for maximum behavioral improvement and better health outcomes.

Visualizations screenshot in Chronaly

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