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Globally, over 6 million children
have developmental disabilities.

Imagine a family environment where a loved one is affected by a developmental disability such as autism, bipolar disorder, seizure disorder, or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It’s a difficult predicament to be in and, frankly, it’s a scenario that can cause havoc between parents, in family environments, in classroom settings, and at work environments.

Often times, those diagnosed with a developmental disability face a lifetime of personal and career challenges that impact not only themselves, but also those in their communities and close-knit circles such as their parents, siblings, teachers, classmates, and co-workers. Enter, Chronaly Inc. (Chronaly). At Chronaly, our focus and relentless drive is to develop mobile health solutions that can improve the well-being, health, and health outcomes of children and adults with developmental disabilities.

The launch of Chronaly was inspired by my co-founder, Lily. Lily has personally experienced the ups and downs of caring for a loved one who experiences daily the demons of a developmental disability. You see, Lily’s brother, Jeffrey, has autism—the fastest growing developmental disability.

Jeffrey’s autism has redefined Lily’s family environment to the point where every day is a “new day.” Each new day is full of situations that could trigger meltdowns. Imagine the daily radical shifts and mental roller-coasters when your day can be either a success or a new crisis due to the uncontrollable influence of autism. For Lily’s brother, Jeffrey, physical sensations are often a mystery. For months at a time, Jeffrey would complain that his lungs were collapsing or his teeth were melting, often to the point of meltdowns or crying fits which cause havoc for his parents and family.

These physical sensations were real to Jeffrey
even though his lungs were not collapsing,
nor his teeth actually melting.

For Jeffrey and his family, the question often becomes:


Why is every day a “new day” defined by such instability, crisis, and the unknown?

For many people with autism, the answers are often difficult to understand. A trigger is often unseen and completely unexpected. Navigating through each new day in fear of the next meltdown, people may feel that they have lost control of their daily lives. Yet, in spite of it all, use of technology and mobile health solutions are effective ways to manage such developmental disability episodes and gain back some of that control. And, my friends, that’s the inspiration behind Chronaly’s launch and what we’re about.

Unfortunately, developmental disability scenarios like Jeffrey’s are common across the United States and worldwide. Consider the following:

  • The United States federal government and States spend $56 billion annually on the 15% of children impacted by developmental disabilities.
  • Globally, more than 6 million children have developmental disabilities.
  • Research indicates that 1 in 6 (15%) children in the United States, between 3 to 17 years old, have at least one developmental disability.
  • Among all the developmental disabilities, autism has grown rapidly to become the fast-growing developmental disability diagnosis in the United States where autism impacts 1 in every 68 children accounting for 1.5% of the population.

There are many take-aways and among them is that developmental disabilities are not just costly to the federal government, but also costly for the children, parents, families, schools, work force, and communities impacted by a diagnosed child or adult. Often, we can make the case that the mental and emotional costs endured by parents and families significantly outweigh financial costs. Case-In-Point: Jeffrey and his family.

Scenarios such as Jeffrey and his family led to Chronaly’s launch. One day on a beautiful sunny day in Southern California, the co-founders of Chronaly met over coffee near UCLA. On agenda was our desire to join forces and launch Chronaly. What transpired after that day was the realization that our passion, hearts, and motivations were synchronized to do societal good for not only Lily’s family, but also the millions of children and adults worldwide who struggle with developmental disabilities.

Join us at Chronaly and support us in making a positive social impact in the lives of children, parents, families, schools, and communities worldwide.

Best regards,
Co-Founder & CEO
Chronaly Inc.

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